Exotic Worldwide Adventures, Inc.

Adventure and Ecological tours in remote, isolated natural areas. Specializing in Venezuela,  and the western United States.

Exotic Worldwide Adventures' expeditions and tours are planned, organized, analyzed, and executed to provide our customers with one of the best experiences of their lives. Not only do we consult with ourselves but also with our many contacts and friends throughout the world. The President and Vice President are natives of the USA and Venezuela.

USA main office:
Exotic Worldwide Adventures, Inc.
Exotic Worldwide Adventures is no longer offering tours at this time.
web site: www.exoticwadventures.com

EWA Staff

The President of EWA is a native of the USA with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Recreation and
Tourism. He specialized in Eco-Tourism in the College of Natural Resources, at Colorado State University. He has studied
Eco-Tourism extensively. He has worked as a Wilderness Ranger in Utah and Colorado, and has taught Leave No Trace wilderness preservation techniques to many people. He worked for six years as a downhill ski instructor, and has also taught backcountry Nordic skiing techniques. He has worked for local tour/expedition companies and has lead tours in Venezuela and has lived in Venezuela and the  U.S.A.  He has traveled extensively in many different areas of Venezuela and the United States, as well as many other areas of the world.

The Vice President is a native of Venezuela. Born in a mountain town high in the Venezuelan Andes.  She is an accomplished SCUBA diver having dived in many areas of Venezuela.


Tour guides will escort you on most tours to help make sure things go as planned. If you have a problem during our tours/expeditions you can talk directly with someone who can help.

We will have on most Venezuela tours about 2-3 guides/escorts per large group size. (10-15) These can include driver, local guide, President and Vice President. 1 or 3 of which speak frequent English. Our drivers are natives of Venezuela and have lived their entire life in the areas they will be driving to. Many are native Indians of Venezuela. Our local guides are extremely knowledgeable about the area we are visiting, and spent their entire lives in the area we will be going, They are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. Many also speak fluent German, Italian, and French. For some tours we will have experienced Biologists, Ecologists with advanced University degrees, and experience in research leading the tours. (please contact us if you desire more information on guide qualifications.)

We work with small groups. In order to have a low environmental impact on certain sensitive
areas, we teach and practice Leave No Trace techniques, (which has very little impact on
an area) and have very small group sizes with maximum sizes of 4 to 6 people per group. In other areas we may be able to have a larger group size of 10-15 if the area can tolerate the
larger group in a environmental safe manner, and if it is reasonably to do so.

More detailed information about our tours are available on our web site. Just click on the link to the country you are interested in and click on the link for detailed itinerary.


The following Discounts and free trips apply only when customers sign up and deal directly with the U.S. Colorado office, deposit is received at least 90 days prior to the trip's departure, and full
payment is received at least 60 days prior to the trip's departure.

Free Trips

While many of our trips have limits of 4 to 10 people, some of EWA's trips can handle a maximum group size of 10 to 15.

One free trip (Excluding airfare) will be offered to the group organizer who organizes a group of 11 or more paying adults who book together (at the same time) and travel together on
the same tour on any one of EWA's larger group tours.
(this offer cannot be combined with any other discount)

5% Group discount: This is available, for any party of 8 or more adults who book together (at the same time) and travel together on the same tour on any one of EWA's Tours.

Alumni Discount available for repeat customers.

Second trip 5% discount
Third trip 7% discount
Four or more trips 10% discount

Trip ratings, fitness level

Along with our tour/expedition descriptions, these ratings will assist you in choosing the right
adventure for your abilities or experience. All of our tours will involve visits to remote regions
where medical facilities may not be available. For more information on elevations, check the
tour/expedition descriptions. We will note when elevations are higher then normal.

Class A, Easy

Some walking is involved for short distances. Nature hikes of 1 to 4 hours may be required to
see certain sights, but can be made optional. Transportation is usually done in one or all of
the following: Jeeps, vans, cars, airplanes, horseback, and motorized boats. May involve travel over unpaved dirt roads in 4 wheel drive vehicles. Most long trips will be done by aircraft. We will visit remote
regions where medical facilities may not be readily available. Depending on the tour/expedition
selected, we may be going to elevations up to 13,000 feet. Average health is recommended.

Class B, Moderate

Some walking is involved to see many sights. Hikes on uneven terrain (dirt trails, rocks) of 1 to 5
hours are common. May include extensive travel by 4 wheel drive vehicles, (including
jeeps on rough dirt roads.) boats, horseback, canoe, and aircraft. May include limited activities at
elevations up to 14,000 feet (depending on the tour/expedition selected) Average fitness is

Class C, difficult

Indicates an activity-oriented program. May include extensive hiking over uneven steep terrain.
Can include hikes or skiing of 4 to 8 hours per day while wearing a small or medium size backpack. Weather may be very pleasant with sunshine, or less pleasant, and/or wet and cold (depending on the time of year, area visited and elevation) Depending on the tour/expedition selected elevation may be as high as 14,000 feet. Camping outdoors may be up to 10 days in wilderness conditions. Depending on the tour/expedition, Requires good health, physical fitness, and stamina.

Class D, more difficult

Indicates an activity-oriented program. May include up to 12 nights camping in wilderness
conditions. Includes hiking/skiing or other activity which could be 6 to 10 hours per day while
wearing a large-heavy backpack. If requested we may use porters. Weather may be very pleasant with sunshine or less pleasant, and/or wet and cold (depending on the time of year, area visited and elevation) Depending on the tour/expedition elevations can be as high as 16,500 feet. Requires very good health, physical fitness, stamina, and determination.

Living conditions rating

Depending on the tour/expedition you select, you may be staying in a cabana, a wildlife lodge, a
bungalow, a grass hut, a jungle lodge, colonial-style inn, a Pemon Indian house, cabin, a hammock
tent, or sleeping under the stars at over 14,000 feet, or even in a first class 5 star hotel. To better prepare you we have a rating scale on the type of conditions to expect:

Luxury living conditions

This indicates we have chosen the absolute best the area has to offer in terms of comfort,
charm and location. When traveling to Venezuela you must remember that we will be going to
remote isolated areas, and there may not be all the comforts of home. There are places
we can stay that offer the closest thing to a 5 star hotel as possible in these settings, and are
very comfortable. This may include double or single beds, air conditioning, indoor plumbing,
private bath, electricity, hot water (sometimes), great food, and even a swimming pool and
tennis courts! These types of amenities are an extravagant luxury in the middle of an Amazon rain forest, jungle, plains, or isolated island. In many cases these types of luxuries are flown in by helicopter, and is extremely expensive to supply and operate.

Comfortable/Pleasant conditions

This indicates we will be staying in cabanas, bungalows, cabins, posadas,and hotels that are average or above average for the area we will be visiting. In remote areas this may include: double or single beds,
indoor plumbing, and private bath or shared bath with or without hot water. In towns it may include air conditioning, and/or hot water although hot water is rare in remote areas and towns of Venezuela.

Rustic conditions

This indicates that we will be staying in huts, cabins, or bungalows in primitive indian villages.
These may have a public bathroom and shower for the guests. There will seldom be hot water in
these areas. In some cases there will be indoor plumbing and other cases there may not. In some
cases we may be staying in beds, cots, or sleeping in hammocks. Hammocks are common in
Venezuela and more comfortable for sleeping than you might think.


This indicates that we will be staying in tents in an undeveloped area. In cases where camping is
common there may be primitive outhouses (which we will indicate in the tour
description) but in most cases this will be in wilderness areas with no facilities at all.



Proof of adequate personal Medical insurance is required prior to departure on any tour/expedition.

Personal Travel Insurance is included in the price of the tour.

The Travel Insurance that is included in the price of the tour is Travel Guard Total 1-800-826-1300. Talk with the travel insurance company to find out the details. This insurance should cover you for the entire time involved in the tour/expedition. Coverage should cover the country that you will be visiting, and include the following: theft/personal accident/ ticket cancellation/lost luggage/ airplane cancellation or delay/medical expenses/repatriation. Expenses incurred in conjunction with an emergency evacuation.The coverage should reimburse you of the non-refundable air and land costs should you have to cancel due to a medical emergency or illness involving yourself, and family members traveling with you, unforeseen circumstances, inclement weather, up to $500 unless you pay more to be covered for the full amount of the trip.  Some personal medical insurance covers medical expenses while in other countries, check with your insurance company. Make sure you know the procedure to follow should you need to be reimbursed from your insurance company. You should also request to see the insurance contract. What is covered by the travel insurance is the sole responsibly of the insurance company only.

If you cancel and do not go on the tour,  the included insurance should cover up to $500 of the tour cost unless you pay the extra premium to be reimbursed for the full amount of the trip cost if you cancel.

Please contact the travel insurance company if you have any questions. 1-800-826-1300 Travel Guard Total.



Check with your doctor to see what Vaccinations/Immunizations he or she recommends for your travel to these areas..