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photo of a tepui

A Tepui near Angel Falls

Majestic Andes mountains more than 16,500 feet(5029 meters) high. Crystal Clear Caribbean seas, with live coral reefs. Amazon rain forests. Dry desert areas, flat grasslands teeming with wildlife and exotic birds. (Similar to the Serengeti of Africa.) Huge tepuis (flat topped mountains) rising from the Amazon rain forest. The tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls at over 3,212 feet (979 meters high.) Venezuela is one of the most diverse places on earth. So much variety is found here. You will be in areas few tourists have ever been.

Custom tours are available!

Our Venezuela Tours will take you to some of the most isolated and remote
places on Earth. Most of Venezuela is protected by National Parks and much of
it is unexplored.


Venezuela has the some of the best weather in the world. Most areas have temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees, with sunshine and the same temperature throughout the year. Most of Venezuela is warm, humid, and sunny. Temperature depends on the elevation dropping about 6 degrees Celsius for each 1000 meter increase in altitude. As you gain elevation there is a much greater chance of rain. Some areas have a rainy season as well as a dry season.

What's included

Most Venezuela tours include: Travel insurance, Airport reception at tour destination, All Lodging, food, ground transportation, water transportation, airport transfers, services of bilingual tour guides, and park fees. Sometimes certain equipment is provided like tents, climbing gear, bikes, etc. (if indicated) Most tours do not include airfare unless stated.  (International flight costs are not included in the price.) Our lodging is in shared rooms, but we can make arrangements if you want a room for just yourself. (for an extra fee) All prices include personal travel insurance. All prices, itineraries, and dates listed are subject to change without notice. The tour starts once you arrive at the tour starting destination in Venezuela.

Tour price does not include: most tours do not include airfare unless stated.  International flight costs are not included in the price - we can help you with flights for an extra fee. Unless stated in the itinerary Caracas costs are not included which would consist of Caracas Hotel, Caracas transportation, Caracas food. Tour members can handle the Caracas part on their own or have EWA do this for an additional fee. Optional EWA Caracas services would include: Hotels, airport transfers and airport reception in Caracas.  There will be an airport tax to leave Venezuela to go back to the USA usually about $30 per person this is not included. Any airport taxes in Venezuela are not included.

All of the tours listed below are designed to be added together. For example: If you want to go on a 16 day tour. You can just add the tours together. Take the Los Nevados (3 days) then the Cara del Indio (4 days) Then the Mountain biking (5 days) and then the Los Llanos (4 days) EWA can combine all of the tours listed below into one big tour. You can even go for a 20 day tour if you want to. It is very easy to combine any of these tours. Hotels in between tours are not included.   Hotels in between tours can be included for an additional price. All tour prices are based on a least 4 people going. If you have a large group we may be able to decrease the price.

All tour prices are based on a least 4 people going.  If you have less than 4 in your group the prices may be slightly higher. Some tours require at least 4-5 people to run.  (We may be able to pair you up with another group if you have less than 4 in your group - please contact us to see.)

                                                                            Angel Falls and Canaima National Park photo one of our tours in the jungle

Class B Moderate, Comfortable/Pleasant lodging.
(15 people max. group size) 3 daysphoto of angel falls
4 or more people$595 per person land cost
2-3 people: $650 per person land cost
1 person:   $795
per person land cost
Airfare from Caracas to Canaima round trip is about $395 per person extra. Or you can take a 10 hour bus ride to a town closer to Canaima and we can help you fly in a small plane from there. Cost about $140 per person Round trip.

(Additional days can be added on if you want to stay longer.)
Prices Include . Boat tour and/or plane tour, lodging, english speaking guide, and meals are all included.
Special Angel Falls tour
from June to November. Boat trip and camp at the bottom of Angel Falls. 3 days - (does not include plane flight to Canaima) Includes everything except for plane flight.

We offer an extensive tour of 3 days/2 nights of one of the most incredible sights you will ever see. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. Water cascades 3,212 feet from the top of Auyan Tepui. We take dugout canoes to the base of the falls. You may stay longer at Angel Falls if you wish for an extra fee. For example 5 or 7 days.

Not only will we see Angel Falls, but will swim underneath the waterfall itself, surrounded by canyon walls over 4,000 feet high. You will be surrounded by the great tepuis, and meet many Pemon Indians. Note: during the rainy season - June to Oct. We will see Angel Falls by boat. During the dry season - Nov to May we will see Angel Falls by aircraft, and see the surrounding falls and tepuis by boat.

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photo of a bird Bird/Wildlife tours

Birdwatching/Wildlife tour of Los Llanos and  Andes Mountain village tour of Los Nevados.
The mountains & the wild flatlands) 7 days total.

$898 -   Land cost, 4 person minimum 7 days  3 days Andes tour sleeping in cabins and posadas ( bed & breakfasts)  (This tour can also be 14 days in length in which you will see a lot more)
4 days Los Llanos - leaving from Merida  staying in hammocks in huts.
Class B moderate (15 people max. group size)

Venezuela is the best place to view birds and wildlife in South America.
Los Llanos area of Venezuela is a flat grassland teeming with wildlife and exotic birds, Similar to
the Serengeti of Africa. The Los Llanos area gives you the best chance of seeing all the animals and birds that you would like. This tour takes you to a wildlife preserve in the heart of Los Llanos. Expert wildlife guides will insure many sightings. We can assure you this is the very best area for viewing wildlife in South America. Thousands of species have been recorded, including:
macaws, toucans, Scarlet ibis, guacharo, eudocimus ruber, Pink Flamingos, herons, comrmorants, jacanas, gallinules, darters, spoonbills, screamers, kites, hawks, eagles, ospreys, egrets, kingfishers, puffbirds, tanagers, conebills, tyrants, antbirds, flycatchers, spinetails, owls, swifts, nighthawks, nightjars, hummingbirds, Potoos, manakins, cuckoos, anis, grebes,
and many, many more that are too numberous to list. Some animals include: Pumas, Jaguars, Giant River Otter, Ocelot, Bats, Red Howler Monkey, capybaras, Orinoco Crocodile, Cayman Crocodile, Boa Constrictor, Anaconda, Lizards,
Turtles, Giant Anteater, Lesser anteater, and many others. We will also go Piranha fishing!
Los Nevados Andes Tour class B- moderate Comfortable/Pleasant overnignt lodging. Tour of the Andes and mountain villages by horseback,  jeep, and hiking. We start our tour in the college town of Merida high in the Andes mountains.For this tour we will travel by four wheel drive, by foot, and by horseback. You will also get a chance to do some mountain biking.

The Venezuelan Andes

Mountain Expedition

Pico Bolivar
$595   5 days 4 nights
Class D-more difficult,  Camping
(climbing gear and tents are provided) (10 people max. group size.)

This Expedition will take us to the top of the the summit of Pico Bolivar, the highest mountain peak in Venezuela at 16427 feet.
Pico Bolivar is a technical climb. Pico Bolivar at 16,427 feet is Venezuela's highest mountain. It's a steep, tough, technical climb. Experienced mountaineers should have no problems, but for the rest of us mere mortals it represents a challenge to our courage and our stamina. Carabiners, harnesses, and ropes are necessary all year round, and for most months of the year July thru January you will also need sunglasses, crampon, and ice axes. The entire expedition is best done 5 days via the U shaped route known as La Travesia.

Click here for a picture of Pico Bolivar.

Mountain Biking
Class C - difficult, Comfortable/Pleasant overnight lodging.
(8 people max.) 2 people minimum.
$695 5 days
, 4 nights

This is a tour which is a combination of dirt and asphalt, going through small villages in the Andes mountains. This is a very interesting trip. We stay in a number of old mountain villages, and get to see the inhabitants, their customs and the splendid variety of landscapes and mountain scenery. We will ride over the highest road pass in Venezuela at 13,146 feet (4007 meters) and will continue onto Sierra Nevada National Park and through one of the most beautiful canyons in the Venezuela Andes.
This mountainous region is criss-crossed by scenic roads and trails that provide routes ranging from jungle like tropical cloud forests to the highlands. (as high as 16,500 feet) This sparsely populated region is inhabited by friendly Andino peasants whose origins predate the Spanish conquest. They are eager to make you feel at home. There are numerous hot springs in this region.
You'll cover a huge diversity of terrain and scenery, riding along rugged dirt mule tracks, as well as asphalt roads. You'll have some grueling uphill climbs, long downhill runs, as well as gentle grades.

Los Nevados Andes Tour
$385  3days, 2 nights
Class B - moderate
Comfortable/Pleasant overnignt lodging.

Tour of the Andes and mountain villages by horseback,  jeep, and hiking.
We start our tour in the college town of Merida high in the Andes mountains.For this tour we will travel by four wheel drive, by foot, and by horseback. You will also get a chance to do some mountain biking.

Cara del Indio Hike
$495   4 days, 3 nights Class B- moderate

From Merida you can look to the north and see the jagged ridge that forms the Indian's face. This is a little known the magical hike behind his face, passing caves, lakes, an isolated village above timberline, and a big waterfall. Awesome views of Pico Humboldt and Bolivar on the other side of the valley.

Pico Pan de Azucar
$230     2days, 1 night Class C.

No technical climbing to do, but it's a stiff walk up to the peak with views from the top to take your breath away. Weird and wonderful frailejon vegetation, sparkling waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and streams, a deserted farmhouse, and higher up its like the surface of the moon.

The Lost World of Venezuela


When Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the book "The Lost World", He was writing about
the Roraima tepui in Venezuela.
Tepui is a Pemon Indian word for "mountain" Tepuis are isolated Mesa-like mountains
in Venezuela. They are some of the oldest land formations on earth. They have been isolated over millions of years from each other and from the lower ground. The top of the tepuis saw the independent evolution of flora and fauna. Limited Scientific explorations on a few tepuis show that over 2000 plant species found on top of the tepuis are endemic, that is they grow only there, and no where else in the world. This is the highest percentage of endemic flora found anywhere on earth. This includes many kinds of carnivorous plants. There is also a large amount of endemic animal life. Which includes huge dinosaur-like lizards, amphibians, insects, mammals, and many creatures not yet identified or known. Venezuela has hundreds of Tepuis, yet only a mere few have been researched or explored. Most have never been touched by human foot. Tepuis are like land-locked Galapagos islands.

"If you would like more information about Tepuis check out National Geographic's
May 1989 issue"

Roraima Tepui Expedition
8 days, 7 nights Class D more difficult. 6 days Camping, the rest in Luxury lodging.
4 or more people:  $1395 per person
2-3 people:       $2295 per person

If your group has 5 people or more trip can include all ground transportation from Caracas to the base of Roraima in La Gran Sabana and back to Caracas if you want.   If your group is less than 5 people trip will not include transportation from Caracas, and will start in Santa Elena.
Tour includes:  Guide, tour to top of Roraima tepui, all meals, land transportation, group equipment.
(5 people minimum. 15 people maximum group size. )
Exotic Worldwide Adventures will take you on an expedition to the top of the highest
tepui, (Roraima) on the Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana border. Over 9,200 feet high.

This is a hiking trek averaging 7 miles per day. We will view waterfalls,
high cliffs, endemic plant and animal life and a landscape of arches, caves, and rock formations that very few people have ever seen. The remaining days will be spent on a tour of La Gran Sabana, a land of waterfalls, vast plains, and native Pemon Indians. You also have the option to extend your tour to see the rest of La Gran Sabana or the world's highest waterfall: Angel falls.

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La Gran Sabana tour

(call for current prices)

Class B moderate  Starting in Santa Elena.
Since the Roraima tour is in the Gran Sabana this is a perfect tour to combine.
Please contact us for current prices. This is the land of waterfalls, tepuis, vast plains, and native Pemon Indians. This extensive tour will take you into the isolated wilderness of the high plains. You will meet and live with native
Pemon Indians, and go deep into the outback to see huge waterfalls, including a waterfall
and stream naturally made of jasper. You will have many chances to swim under countless romantic waterfalls.


6 or more people $1395 per person
4-5 people $1495 per person
2-3 people $2380 per person

Class D - Includes airplane flight from Ciudad Bolivar, meals, guides, lodging, equipment.
AUYAN-TEPUY is one of the biggest tepuis.  It is famous because from it flows Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. On this tour we will climb to the top. Along the way, we will see the beautiful vegetation,  the interesting rock formations   and Angel Falls from the top. We will be using the same route used by Jimmy Angel.

Los Roques National Park
(call for current prices)

Lying 80 miles off the Venezuelan mainland, this Archipelago is formed by 365 islands surrounded by crystal blue water, white sand beaches, and untouched coral reefs. We spend the days snorkeling, fishing, and exploring the islands. Diving is also available. This is the ultimate island paradise that very few people even know exist. This water is so clear that you can see over 200 feet while underwater. Los Roques National Park tours that we offer are live aboard tours on sailboats and Scuba boats. We can also offer tours in which you will stay in a small Venezuelan fishing village. Or camping on the beach. The cost of the tour depends on what you would like to do. Scuba and live aboard trips are more expensive then staying in the fishing village or camping. Fishing for bone fish, and other fish, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, Sailing, exploring one of the 365 islands, experiencing the small Venezuelan fishing culture, bird watching, whale watching is what our Los Roques tours are all about. The Los Roques trip requires at least 3 days if SCUBA diving.

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