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The Rocky Mountain region of the United States has some of the most unique natural areas in the world. There are many mountains over 14,000 feet (4267 meters) high. There are deep canyons and wildlife, which include elk, deer, bear, mountain lions, antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, just to name a few. Giant river gouges are caved out by the forces of wind, rain and the river, deserts, high mountains and vast plains. In many backpacking and some cross country tours, Exotic Worldwide Adventures takes you to places where there are no roads, no buildings, no people, nothing man made. Only Nature.

An isolated cabin in Snow Country

Most U.S. tours include: Travel insurance, Airport reception at the destination airport, All lodging and food - (except for restaurant food) services of 24 hour guide, ground transportation, water transportation, airport transfers, park fees. Sometimes certain equipment is provided (if indicated) , and sometimes ski instruction and other types of instruction are included depending on the activities. (International and local domestic flights are not included in the price) All prices include personal travel insurance.
All prices, itineraries, and dates listed are subject to change
without notice.

Cross-country skiing

Colorado Cross-country wilderness ski tour

Class C difficult
Rustic Cabins.
7 days 6 nights-$995
(4 people min, 8 people max. group size)
This is the best way to experience the Rockies the natural way. We will ski in the back country between breath taking mountain peaks over 13,500 feet (4114 meters) high, up to a log cabin (hut) where we will spend 3 nights. We also ski up to a nearby frozen glacier lake and telemark ski the surrounding area.

Elevations of 10,000 to 13,000 feet.
Intermediate to Advanced level of cross-country ski ability, and
very good fitness level and stamina. Will be skiing with backpacks for two days, and with day packs the rest of the days.

There is snow here that is over 9 feet deep! (3 meters)

Natural Hot Springs tour

Class A easy, Luxury, and Comfortable/Pleasant overnight lodging
8 days-$895
(10 people max. group size)

This tour takes place in Colorado and downhill skiing is available for an extra charge if done from Dec. to April.
On this tour we will go to 3 to 5 hot springs in Colorado. At some hot springs clothing is optional. Some hot springs are in undeveloped wilderness settings. Others are in developed settings. The rest of the time will be spent hiking in the mountains, and touring the surrounding mountain towns, Downhill and cross country skiing will be available during the winter months (there may be an additional charge for downhill skiing)


Deep in the Canyon - Exotic Worldwide Adventures

Class C - difficult, Camping
9 days - $795
(7 people maximum group size)
This is a trip that you will never forget! You will see breath taking beauty that most people never see in their lifetime. The trip consists of backpacking between huge, giant canyon walls over 2500 feet (761 meters) high on each side. You will pass through thick vegetation, dry desert areas, and through streams, to a giant lake surrounded by 3000 feet (914 meters) high canyon walls. You will see odd shaped rock formations in an isolated area where it is possible to go weeks or months without seeing another person. We will camp inside the canyon each day.

Rocky Mountain High Tour - Colorado
Class B moderate

$1350 - 14 days (4 people minimum group size.) 12 people max.  Includes all ground transportation, 24 -hour guide, all lodging,  hot springs pass, and some meals. Camping and hotels.

Colorado is one of America's great scenic treasures, Within its border are some of the world's most spectacular alpine features- towering above timberline, peaks that are snowclad sometimes year round, countess lakes and beautiful mountain valleys. In many ways this tour is a celebration of Colorado, a state renowned for its high mountain scenery, and home of 54 peaks exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation.

National Parks tour of the United States
Class B moderate

Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion, Grand Tetons,
Monument Valley, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and Reservoir, Dinosaur National Monument and the Green River, and many other national forests and parks.  
16 days $995  Price Includes: All park fees, all lodging, all ground transportation, 70% of the food

This is the best tour to see the all the most famous National Parks of the United States. You will be hiking, swimming, white water rafting, camping, etc. in and near the National Parks. It is $995 for 16 days. This is just $62 per day! we may be able to bring this price down even further for you if you get a large group going. This tour is inexpensive because on most trips the bus will have about 35 people on it. Instead of staying in hotels you will be sleeping on the bus (bus has sleeping beds) camping in the National Parks, or staying at youth hostels. You will also get to visit some of the most famous cities in the USA - San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and many different states. You will not have to get a minimum number of people to go on this tour for this price. This is because we can put the people together with another group. So if you only got one person to go the tour will still run Since we would put you with another group.

USA National Parks Tour
16 days $995 per person
June 30 thru July 16, 2000
July 14 Thru July 30, 2000
July 21 thru Aug. 6, 2000
Aug. 4 thru Aug. 23, 2000

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Class D - more difficult, Camping
Can be subsituted for a grade III trip.
7 days - $795
(6 people maximum group size)
Tour includes all ground transportation, airport transfer, food, tents.

Experience the Rockies! We will backpack some of the most spectacular areas in the Rockies and live in the wilderness. We can reach altitudes of over 13,000 feet. We will be camping next to glacier lakes, and high mountain peaks. It is possible to go weeks without seeing another person. If
time permits will we visit a natural hot spring.

Biking through the Rockies
Class C - difficult, Luxury lodging, and Camping.
7 days $895
(10 people max group size)

This tour will begin by boating on a Glacier lake, underneath high mountains.
We will then ride our bikes through three ski towns: Breckenridge, Vail, Glenwood
Springs, - where we will soak in the world's largest natural hot springs pool. We then drive the remaining way into Aspen. We will follow beautiful paved bike paths, through, over, and beneath Mountains over 14,000 feet high. Bike rental is available for an additional cost.

Some future tours include a Wildlife tour of the west.

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